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Advertise your ad for free. Free advertising. Free ads

For the global economy, the implications of the COVID-19 pandemic are not yet clear. The pandemic provoked a complete recession in all spheres of human activity, which inevitably led to negative results for labor productivity and production volumes.

The service sector, in which direct contact between people is predetermined, turned out to be the most affected. Free advertisements. World trade began to fall as well, as an independent branch of the economy. However, trade, in contrast to productive capital, is more adapted to social cataclysms. As soon as the quarantine began, the trading business focused on online trading, it was a strategically correct decision. With the intensification of the economic crisis, this trend is growing every day. Experts predict the dominant role of e-commerce in world trade in the near future. Free advertising.

Electronic trading platforms (ETP) were in a winning situation during the quarantine period. Having lost a contact buyer, trade showrooms, trade warehouses, stores began to actively sell their goods through the ETP. Post your ad for free. The law of trade worked: the seller «carried» the goods to where the buyer began to «enter» en masse.

The electronic trading platform Port of Machinery has been providing online trading services for only two years, however, despite the short period of activity, we are already recognizable in the search engine. Free advertisements.

ETP Port of Machinery is registered in Germany, we hold international auctions in three languages ​​with participants from different countries.In the conditions of quarantine and the global economic crisis, our site is an advantageous place for e-commerce. Benefits start with our strengths such as:

1. Placing an advertisement for the sale of goods on the Port of Machinery ETP is free of charge.

2. On the ETP Port of Machinery, you can place an unlimited number of goods.

3. You can post ads for the sale of goods without registration.

It is also necessary to say about the hidden benefit for companies that sell their goods on Port of Machinery: you get free ad placement, plus free advertising for your business. Free advertising.

Port of Machinery is not only an intermediary between the seller and the buyer — our electronic marketplace helps maintain the international trade balance in the face of global economic and social turmoil.
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