Engine Scania V8 marks the fiftieth anniversary

In 1969, Scania launched mass production of the V-shaped «eight» DS14v 350 hp… For fifty years, the Scania V-shaped engine range has increased power, developed engines in 500, 560, 620 and 730 hp .

Today DC1623 at 730 hp is the most powerful and most reliable engine. DC1623 cylinder blocks are smelted from ductile iron with the addition of spherical graphite. The common rail injection system on this engine has several advantages, such as: high injection pressure — up to 2400 bar; independence of the moment of injection from the camshaft position. This system was developed jointly with the American company Cummins.

Also, DC1623 designers improved engine throttle response at low revs, for this a variable geometry turbocharger is used, this allows you to adjust its speed regardless of engine speed.

On Scania vehicles equipped with V-engines, the “V8” badge is placed on the radiator grill, thus the company positions its vehicles as an independent model range.

The Scania DC1623 V8 engine in its class among other brands is a leader among the leaders.

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