Diesel engine has changed the world.

No, it was not the diesel engine that changed the world, the world was changed by Rudolph Diesel — the engineer who invented it. Every day, in different texts, the phrases “diesel engine” and “diesel engine” are repeatedly mentioned, and we associate them with diesel fuel, but not with the name of the inventor. Rudolph Diesel is undeservedly forgotten. This name is known only to specialists and a small layer of scholars.

Rudolf Diesel successfully tested his first diesel engine on January 28, 1897. Since that day, mankind has entered a new phase of technological progress. All leading engineering companies of that time began to produce diesel engines. But Rudolph Diesel himself went bankrupt by 1913, all because he was a great engineer, inventor, and a bad businessman.

Today, there are more than sixty global manufacturers of diesel engines that annually produce millions of engines that are installed on diesel locomotives, diesel trains, boats, cars, buses, trucks, tractors, combines, asphalt rollers, bulldozers, etc.

Leading manufacturers mark motors using their logo: Cummins QSM11, Cummins ISB 4.5 / 6.7, Cummins QSK23, Caterpillar C12, Caterpillar 3612, Caterpillar C15, Volvo D5, Volvo Penta TAD731GE, Volvo TAD1643VE.

Note that all diesel engines have logos of manufacturers, but there is no name of its inventor. Why doesn't every engine have a common sign that immortalizes the name of Rudolph Diesel? After all, after all, he changed the world!

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