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    Plate compactor CIMEX CP90

      Plate compactor CIMEX CP90

    Vibratory plates
    Year: 2019, Condition: New
    Sofia, Bulgaria
    The plate compactor CIMEX CP90 is designed for compacting earth, sand, gravel, asphalt, felt and other inert materials. It is suitable for compacting embankments with incline. With its large working area, Cimex CP90 plate compactors are invaluable in laying paving, repair of sidewalks (recommended use in combination with a compactor pad), patches of asphalt on roadways. They are suitable for compacting sand,...
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Construction equipment consists of various mechanisms, equipment and technological lines that are required during construction work.

Construction equipment includes:

- construction equipment for finishing work;
- welding equipment;
- painting equipment - construction equipment for accumulation;
- construction equipment for earthworks
- machinery and equipment for processing, transporting and compacting the concrete mixture;
- compressors;
- scaffolding and other structures;
- the manual mechanized tool and others. Worldwide construction equipment manufacturers such as ELBA-WERK Maschinen-Gesellschaft mbH, KNIELE Baumaschinen GmbH, IMER International AG, Dynapac AB, Bauma S.A., STROJSTAV Nove Mesto nad Vahom and others, MAIT S.p.A.