A construction lifts is a hoist (mechanism) which serves to move a load or persons in the vertical (horizontal) direction when
various construction works are carried out.
The main types of classification of construction lifts: Depending on the functional purpose: goods lifts, passenger and passenger lifts as well as installation lifts. Depending on the type of supporting structure: cantilever lifts, ceiling lifts, mast lifts, mine lifts, inclined lifts. By type of drive: mechanical lifts, hydraulic lifts, electric lifts, pneumatic lifts, manual mechanical lifts. Through the installation method: stationary lifts, mobile elevators, mobile elevators. A large selection of Haulotte, JLG, Palfinger, Scanclimber, SAFI, Dinolift, Genie, NiftyLift, PIAT VIDEA and Sinoboom construction hoists will be showcased at the Port of Machinery marketplace.