Forestry machinery is special self-propelled multifunctional technical equipment used in logging. Innovations in the mechanical engineering allowed designing two universal logging machines – harvesters and forwarders, which are equipped with special attachments providing for different types of manufacturing operations. A harvester is a logging combine equipped with a multifunctional working head (WARATAH HTH460, HOLZSCHERE, KOMATSU 370E, etc.). Forwarder is a loading vehicle which is classified according to its load capacity and number of simultaneous log pickups.
Skidder, feller bunchers, stump cutters, timber carrying semi-trailers and other equipment is also used for logging.
After harvesting, timber undergoes various types of technological processing, woodworking equipment, sawmills, wood crushers, etc. are used for this purpose. On the Port of Machinery trading site, products of the global manufacturers of logging machinery, such as Husqvarna, Timberjack, Valmet, John Deere, Komatsu are offered.