Three Position Joystick

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Three-position body joystick (Pneumatic dump truck control controller) Joystick Hipomak Using the joystick or switch, the KOM (power take-off) is switched on. In addition, the joystick allows you to control the hydraulic control valve of the hydraulic system, thereby slowing down and accelerating the lifting of the truck body. Or it allows you to make the stop of the dump truck body in the right position, which can be used to dump on several heaps or to carry out an emergency stop of the body if the situation requires it. The pneumatic control system accumulates, controls and consumes compressed air to control the units (parts) of the hydraulic system (hydraulics) of the dump truck. An ordinary switch in combination with a simple (unregulated) directional control valve makes it impossible to fix the body in different positions and performs only the function of raising and lowering. Therefore, we recommend using the joystick in combination with an adjustable hydraulic valve (directional control valve). Pneumatic control system joystick Joystick TP Tristable Lever
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