KOM power take-off on ZF-1

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Power take-off box - A spacer plate, or clutch, as well as a razdatka, are an integral component of the hydraulic system of mobile machines and dump trucks, as this is the most economical solution for generating power and transmitting it to hydraulic pumps. The power take-off is primarily used in construction special equipment: tankers, truck cranes, utility services equipment, garbage trucks. Power take-off - Spacer plate (KOM) ZF-1 \ Power take off (PTO) ZF-1 (ZF one-gear distributor on gearbox) is mounted on 4 bolts, pneumatic switching. Code: 20110KOHIR KOHM ZF-1 \ PTO Z-1 is suitable for such models of gearboxes ZF: ZF16S251 ZF ECOMIT 9S75 ZF16S221 ZF ECOMIT 9S109 ZF16S151 ZF ECOMIT 16S109 ZF16S150 ZF NEW ECOSPLIT ECOSPLIT 16S1620TDIT ZS162020DIT ZS16201DIT AK / 65 ZF NEW ECOSPLIT ECOSPLIT 18S1820TO ZF S5 / AK / 120 ZF NEW ECOSPLIT ECOSPLIT 16S2220TD ZF S5 / AK / 111 ZF NEW ECOSPLIT ECOSPLIT 16S220TO ZF S5 / AK / 110 ZF NEW ECOSPLIT ECOSPLIT 16S2520TO ZF S5 AK5 ECOSPLIT 16S2023TDL GP ZF S5 / AK / 6S-90 GP ZF S5 / AK / 6S-80 GP ZF S5 / AK / 6S-70 GP ZF S5 / AK / 6S-66 GP ZF S5 / AK / 6S-65 GP ZF S5 / AK / 6S-55 GP ZF S5 / AK / 6S-50 GP ZF S5 / AK / 6S-42 GP ZF S5 / AK / 6S-36 GP ZF S5 / AK / 6S-35 Power take-off (PTO) ZF \ Power take off (PTO) ZF is suitable for such car brands: MAN DODGE MERCEDES FARGO IVECO DAF BMC PROFESYONEL DAEWOO FORD CARGO RENAULT CHRYSLER HINO When ordering a power take-off and shaft, you need to know the gearbox model. You can find the gearbox model on the side of the gearbox. This is a small metal plate. Looks at the ZF gearbox as follows - ZF gearbox 16 S 151.
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