Concrete poker ф45 CIMEX VP4540

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  • Reference number:: Concrete poker ф45 CIMEX VP4540 
  • Year of manufacture: 2019 
The concrete poker CIMEX VP4540 is used to remove air bubbles and cavities when pouring concrete, thus ensuring the density and maximum strength of the concrete structures. Thanks to the small diameter of the vibrating head, the concrete poker is the ideal solution for vibrating concrete from columns, earthquakes and other densely reinforced structures. The flexible shaft is the connection between the "CIMEX" drive unit and the vibrating needle that is placed in the laid concrete. The attachment of the shaft to the drive is through a quick connection with a locking pin, and to the vibrating needle is a left threaded connection with a sealing ring.
The Cimex VP4540 concrete poker is equipped with:
4-layer reinforcement of the cable
6-layer hose cover around the cable reduces wear and heating of the hose
Rubber anti-wear seal between head and hose
Six-pin grip
Automatic overload protector
Double jam seal
Locking pin from wire to motor
A left wire connection to the engine
Optional: strap for comfortable work
Technical characteristics:
Vibration frequency (vpm) 12000 - 14000
Head Size (ф) 45
Length of wire (m) 4.0
Drummer Length (cm) 50.0
Electric Power (W) 1600
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