Jackhammer SDS+ 3.2 J CIMEX HB3

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  • Year of manufacture: 2019 
CIMEX HB3 rotary hammer, SDS Plus connection and additional quick chuck for bits. This is universal drilling and hammering machine for concrete, masonry, wood, metal and etc. Equipped with two quick-change chucks, this lightweight and reliable rotary hammer provides you application variety. By working with SDS Plus chuck, you can use the rotary hammer for demolition masonry, concrete, concrete bore drilling, chiselling and hammer drilling.
The additional quick clamping chuck into the set can easily turn this practical rotary hammer into a drill. This feature allows working with standard, cylindrical and hexagonal tail drills. So you can use a rotary hammer without hammering mode for drilling in wood, ceramics and metal.
If you need to screw/unscrew a fastener, thanks to the infinite speed controller and the reverse mode, you can turn the machine into a very powerful screwdriver.
On a daily base at home or on the construction site, this rotary hammer is a universal machine that combines everything you needed. This product has a variety of options for assembly activities like a hammer drill, light breaker, standard drill even like a screwdriver.
Designed for professional use, the CIMEX HB3 rotary hammer excels most machines on the market in this class, offering not only functionality but also more power. With a maximum drilling diameter of 30 mm in the concrete, this machine is targeted far beyond most standard electric machines in the lightweight class.
With impact energy of 3.2 J, the CIMEX HB3 rotary hammer is suitable for light and medium brick demolition, tile removal and others etc.
The operating mode switch is with 4 modes/positions.
Position 1 - hammerless drilling mode. Suitable for drilling holes in wood, metal, ceramics, plastics, screwing/unscrewing fasteners, placing threads.
Position 2 - Impact Drill Position / Hammer Drill. Designed for drilling holes in concrete, masonry and stone.
Position 3 - allows you to adjust the chisel position for optimal adaptation to the surface. This feature is reducing operator tiredness. With chisel positioning, the operator is avoiding the need to tilt the machine and the work more comfortable with any type of tools. This position is NOT OPERATING - ie. after setting the chisel at the desired angle, the switch must be set to position 4
Position 4 - chisel mode. In this position, there is no rotational movement of the instrument and there is only a stroke force/hammering. This position is only for hammering (can also be used for wood chisels).
The CIMEX HB3 rotary hammer switch has an electronic speed control allowing for variable speed adjustment 0-1000 rpm. This provides precision drilling at the startup.
The reverse switch (clockwise / opposite clockwise rotation) is placed comfortably just above the trigger key. This feature is comfortable when you are using the machine for screwing fasteners as well as the easy dislodging jammed drill bit.
The depth stopper is full-metal and the operator has to place it on the comfortable auxiliary handle. Changing the desired drilling depth is done by a quick adjustment knob. Press the button, move the stop to the desired depth and release the button.
The auxiliary handle provides a stable grip and working comfort.
If the tool jammed during operation, the operator is protected by a clutch, which minimizes direct torque coming by the rotary hammer.
Rapid quick-change chuck without step mechanism
Quick change chuck SDS Plus
Continuously speed variable control for smooth start drilling
Drilling reverse mode (clockwise and opposite clockwise)
Depth stopper for drilling on the exact dimensions
Preventing cable breaks housing
Editable chuck positions during chisel work.
Clutch overload protection for the operator and the machine
Large diameter drilling in concrete
Universal application
The electric rotary hammer CIMEX HB3 comes with:
Electric rotary hamme
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