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2 July 2020


Sofia | Created: 3 April 2020, number: 21345

Address: Sofia, botvgradsko shose 449, view on map

  • Condition: New 
  • Year of manufacture: 2019 
The CIMEX АRM-C38/45 is a cutting and bending rebar machine. In cutting mode, the CIMEX АRM-C38/45 can do a single cut of 30 mm, double cut of 22 mm and a triple cut of 16 mm. The cutting and bending rebar machine has a two-speed gearbox so no effort is needed when used. The bending disk can turn in both directions. When the set angle is reached in automatically returns to the starting position. Depending on the number of rebar rods, the CIMEX АRM-C38/45 can bend one 40 mm rod, two 32 mm rods and three 26 mm rods. For the cutting of rebar, the machines use 8-edge demagnetized reinforced steel. The cutting and bending rebar machine can be operated manually or with or with a pedal. The machines from this class are with low DC voltage supply accordant with the latest safety regulations.
Power supply: 380V
Power: 4 kW
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