Cordless Impact Wrench ½ CIMEX CW18V350NM-B

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The Cordless Wrench ½ CIMEX CW18V350NM-B is a powerful professional cordless impact wrench with brushless motor (BLDC / BRUSHLESS) with a 350 Nm torque. Designed for everyday useage, the cordless impact wrench is widely used in scaffold construction, metal structures and timber framing. In addition to construction, the wrench is suitable for use in repair shops.
Powered by a solid Japanese brushless motor from Mabuchi company. Established in 1946, the company today has a global market share of 37% for brushless electric power tools and is a major supplier of many leading brands. Powered by a brushless motor, the battery wrench reaches a torque of 350 Nm, with 3 turn rates available.
The weight of the machine is well distributed, with the battery contributing to the balance. Thus, the cordless impact wrench gives the feeling of greater comfort when compared to the pneumatic wrenches in which the weight is brought to the front. Without a battery, the weight of the machine is only 1.04 kg.
Шпинделът е с квадрат ½ и е изработен от вискокачествена хром-молибденова стомана отличаваща се много висока износоустойчивост и здравина.
The spindle is a square ½ and is made of high quality chromium molybdenum steel with very high durability and strength.
The impact mechanism body as well as the impact mechanism itself, all elements of the gearbox are entirely made of metal.
The reverse button (left / right rotate) is located above the trigger for switching on the machine and has three positions - Tightening / block / Loosening. Due to its location, changing the direction of rotation can be done instantly with the hand you hold the machine.
The trigger of the cordless impact wrench is with function for smooth speed control.
Steering torque control and speed are electronically controlled via the brushless motor controller.
Switching between the different speeds is made by a light-switched button positioned above the battery. Depending on the degree chosen, the operating range is:
1st Speed: 200Nm / 0-1600 rpm
2nd Speed: 250Nm / 0-1800 rpm
3th Speed: 350Nm / 0-2300 rpm
In loosening mode, power and speed are always max. 350Nm. Here however, thanks to the digital controller, we again have two modes.
In the first mode (default), when the trigger is pressed, the cordless impact wrench is loosening until the trigger is released.
The second button-activated mode (B) offers an automatic stop function. When this function is activated, after the trigger is pressed, the wrench automatically shuts off when there is no load on the engine - i.e. when the fastener you are loosening is loosed, the wrench turns off. A feature that significantly reduces the risk of the bolt or nut to drop..
The integrated digital controller of the motor performs a lot of other functions - overload protection, smooth start, motor control depending on the position of the trigger, etc.
The perfectly balanced body made of strong and durable plastic is with a completely rubberized coating, which provides a protection from shocks and significantly reduces the slipping of the machine when placed on slippery surfaces.
The battery capacity is 1500 mAh / 12V Li-Ion. With this capacity, you can rely on long working hours for everyday use. Above the battery is a control board responsible for the battery charging. This controller provides optimum and fast battery charging depending on the condition and protects the battery from overcharging, deep discharge and overload. On the top of the battery is an LED indicator showing the battery charge status. There is a USB port at the back of the body, allowing the battery to be used as a power bank to charge a mobile phone.
Станцията за зареждане на батерията на акумулаторния гайковерт е с номинален изходен ток от 2,2 А, позволяваща бързо зареждане до 100% на батерията от 4.0 Ah - само за 1 час!!!
Every Cordless Impact Wrench by CiMEX has a battery controller, which provides a quick ch
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