Propane Torpedo Gas Heater 15kW CIMEX LPG15

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Gas heater Cimex LPG15 is a professional gas heater, designed for heating places with good ventilation - factories, workshops, warehouses, construction sites. It is ideal when it is necessary to quickly and efficiently heat rooms with a large volume or keep the temperature in them. It has a wide application for heating of greenhouses, livestock rooms, agricultural warehouses. The standard gas heater is equipped with a thermal protection engine, an overheat protection thermostat, power regulator. The low weight of just 5 kg and the compact dimensions make the Cimex heater easy to transport. The special profile of the combustion chamber protects the enclosure against frost, so it stays cold even during long periods of operation. To increase the level of safety, the gas heater has I build-in safety valve for pressure regulation.
The heat volume of the room with Cimex LPG15 gas heater, depending from the room insulation at ΔT = 30 ° C.
The Cimex LPG15 gas heater is equipped with:
• Overheating protection
• Manuel piezo – crystalline ignition
• The safety valve for pressure regulation
• Gas hose with valve and regulator
• Power controller
• A combustion chamber with a structure that keeps the outside of the housing cool
• Low weight
• Compact size
• Low gas consumption – 1.10 kg/hour
• Low power consumption – only 53 W!
• Protection class: IPX4
• High efficiency
• Minimum support
• Robust and durable construction
• High airflow
How to choose a heater?
For the correct calculation of the required power of the gas heater, it is necessary first to calculate the volume of the room you wish to heat. Depending on the insulation of the room, the required power can vary within wide limits. Have in mind that all described calculations refer to a standard temperature rise of 30 ° C.
A factor of dissipation (loss) according to the insulation of the building:
K = 0.5 – well- insulated buildings (buildings, offices)
K = 1.5 - Mean isolated buildings (workshops, workshops)
K = 2.5 - Badly isolated buildings (old houses, cellars)
K = 3.5 - Non-insulated buildings and premises (sheet metal buildings, halls, greenhouses)
The formula for calculating the heating power you need is:
A factor of dissipation (loss) according to the insulation of the building:
VxΔTxK / 860 = kW
V - the volume of the heated room
ΔT - the difference between the actual and the desired temperature
K - coefficient of dissipation
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