Self-levelling linear laser with cone prisms, five intersecting planes

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  • Year of manufacture: 2019 
The CIMEX SL5D is a professional self-levelling linear laser with cone prisms, five intersecting planes and 360-degree beam projection. Multi-purposeful, the CIMEX 5D linear laser level allows for levelling in five planes, covering even the highest requirements. The intersections of the rays allow the easy transfer of scales and points.
The bright laser lines allow you to work seamlessly in normally lit rooms. The CIMEX SL5D offers three 360 degree rays (one horizontal and two vertical) crossing each other at an angle of 90 degrees. One of the important advantages of this laser level is the presence of a plummet that is projected by crossing the vertical lines.
At the top of the housing are the touch buttons to select the desired operating mode. You can choose from the following modes:
Cross lines (horizontal + vertical) and 5 points
Horizontal line
Vertical line
Cross lines (no point projection)
Point mode (5 points, no cross line projection)
The body of the self-levelling CIMEX 5D laser level is made of high-density plastic and is rubbered to protect the components from mechanical damage. The assembly features excellent precision and quality, providing protection class IP54. The self-levelling system is a magnetic compensator with magnetic dampers and can compensate for deviations up to 3.5 degrees. If it is not possible to self-level, the signalling is done by blinking the laser lines, which warn the user that the laser is not levelling.
The control is as simple as possible - with a locking slider for switching on the unit and a button for consecutive switching on each of the beams. During storage and transport, the locking slider blocks the pendulum compensator.
Main advantages:
12 bright and thin lines
360-degree beam projection
5 levelling planes
Ability to work on a slope
Full plumbing
Ability to transfer points
Self-integration of individual planes
Simple management
Rubber case
Practical, 360-degree rotation
Warranty 2 years
Attractive price
Accuracy: ± 3mm / 10m
Accuracy at points: ± 3mm / 10m
Bottom point: ± 6mm / 10m
Left/right/back point: ± 4mm / 10m
Self-levelling range: ± 4 °
Working range for points: up to 30 m
Working range for lines: up to 1 0 m
Power supply: 6V/DC 4 pcs. AA batteries
Laser diode: 630-685 nm
Protection class: IP54
Thread: 1/4 ", 5/8"
Dimensions: 102 x 70 x 121 mm
Weight with batteries: 650 g
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