Airless Paint Sprayer CIMEX X390

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Airless painting machine Cimex AIRLESS X390 is a professional machine for latex paint, acrylic and water-soluble paints. Characterized by high performance and versatility of application. Paintable for both smooth and also structured (rough and porous) surfaces. It is used for applying different types of paints (having a viscosity of medium to high) as latex, acrylic paints, water-based paints, primers, and others. Used mainly in construction when painting large areas with different types of paints are needed - facades, walls, roofs, and metal structures. Airless technology painting accepts even application of paint and achieving excellent coverage. In comparison with traditional methods of painting (with a gun and compressor/brush, roller), the machine for airless paint has 80% higher productivity. The piston pump is driven by an engine with power 900W. The system for regulating the discharge pressure provides a constant flow and smooth paint supply without a pause. With its rich standard kit, Cimex airless X390 allows achieving maximum results in maximum comfort at work.
High coverage and performance
Low operating cost
Reduces labour costs
Wide range of application
Ability to work with various types of paints
Smooth operation without pulsations
The standard set of airless paint Cimex airless X390 includes:
airless paint machine Cimex AIRLESS X390 - 1 pc.
High-pressure hose - 10 m.
Probe suction paint filter - 1 pc.
Gun airless paint nozzle 517 0.017 "- 1.
Extension gun 40 cm. - 1 pc.
Set of tools and accessories for cleaning - 1 pc.
Lubricant for the pump - 1.
Technical specification:
Voltage / Frequency: 220 ± 10% / 50HZ
Addition power: 900 W
Max. pressure: 227 bar / 3000PSI
Max. servant. pressure: 160 bar
Max. nozzle size: 0.023 "
Standard nozzle in the kit: 517 /0.017"/
Width of spraying: 400 mm
Flow rate: 2.2 l. / Min.
Length of high-pressure hose: 10 m
Max. length of high-pressure hose: 30 m
Weight: 15.5 kg
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