Dehumidifier CIMEX DH50

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Moisture absorber / humidifier - professional, desiccant designed for daily use, specially designed for the needs of construction and finishing activities. With a capacity of 50 l / day, the mobile moisture trap is ideal for drying rooms after putty, plastering and painting, and other materials applied through wet processes. Humidity control is essential for laying floors! With the powerful CIMEX DH50 mobile humidifier, you can achieve the ideal conditions in a controlled environment. Designed for daily use and equipped with built-in hygrostat, the moisture trap handles excellent moisture absorption from storage rooms, archives, and fitness rooms.
The principle of operation of the humidifier (also referred to as a desiccant, humidifier) ​​is to remove excess moisture through condensation and inside the machine, through cooling elements. The contact of the air with the cooling elements results in moisture condensation. The condensation generated in the process is collected in the built-in tank, and the dried air passes through the condenser and is heated to a temperature slightly higher than that of the environment (indoor air).
The all-metal body of the humidifier has practical wheels and a handle for easy transportation and repositioning of the machine. Weighing just 36 kg, thanks to the wheels and handle, the professional CIMEX DH50 trap can be easily moved, even if steps and bumps have to be overcome.
The water tank, built into the lower part of the housing, has a capacity of 5.5 liters and is equipped with a float which, when the vessel is filled with water, switches off the humidifier and triggers a light on the control panel. If the humidifier is to be used for a long or long time, or if the humidity is very high, a hose can be connected to the water tank to drain the water inside or outside the room. This allows the mobile humidifier to run continuously without having to shut down for service.
Мобилен влагоуловител / влагоабсорбатор CIMEX DH50
At the top is a practical and simple microprocessor control panel for the dryer operating modes.
The power button is located at the right end of the control panel. When the button is pressed, the dryer switches to continuous operation. The humidity value set in this humidifier mode is 50%
Next to it is a timer setting button. It performs several functions - when the humidifier is in standby mode (not in standby mode) it can be used to set the time after which it is switched on - a delayed start function. In operating mode, with this button, you can set the time after which the humidifier is switched off - delayed stop function
On the left is an indicator for filling the built-in 5.5 liter water container. Next to it is a button for activating continuous drying mode. It is important to know that this mode of operation is semi-automatic - you can set the duration (time) for operation, but you cannot set the shutdown value of the dryer when reaching a certain humidity value.
Humidity regulator 5% from 20% to 90%
Built-in automatic Defrost system
Large flow rate of 450 m3 / h
High output 50 l / day
Low noise level -
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