About us

Port of Machinery is an international electronic trading platform that unites sellers and buyers of all types of goods from the field of engineering in one information space.
The electronic infrastructure of Port of Machinery provides the purchase/sale of cars and trucks, buses, agricultural, construction, mining equipment and machinery, industrial equipment, internal combustion engines, electric motors, loaders, spare parts and all types of air and water transport. The task of the Port of Machinery Company is to organize the conditions for a quick, profitable and trusting transaction.

Social goal of the Port of Machinery Company is to create commercial harmony in a market economy with high standards of doing business within the framework of legislation and rules of business conduct.
Port of Machinery offers modern philosophy in international trade, which will help the effective interaction between the seller and the buyer.

Port of Machinery is the largest market in Europe. Here, ads for sale and purchase of new and used cars, buses, building machines, boats, airplanes, industrial equipment and spare parts are placed.

By placing banner ads in Port of Machinery, you can increase sales of goods, recognition of your company and new brands, as well as attract a lot of visitors to your site. For posting a banner you must select the appropriate categories. We undertake the design of banner for your company.
The cost of creating a banner is included in the price.