GAZ 3102 384403km to take off

Odessa | Created: 25 October 2020, number: 21583
  • Condition: Used 
  • Model: 3102 
  • Year of manufacture: 1982 
  • Body type: Sedan 
  • Mileage: 100000 km
  • Fuel Type: Petrol 
  • Emissions Sticker: 1 (none) 
  • Additional Properties: Cleared customs 
Well what can I say. Semi-tractor, semi-tank. Accelerates with ease for the soul and pocket, not only on the Autobahn. - it is desirable to limit to 170 km / h on autobahns with jumps - it is desirable to limit to 130 km / h on a highway with pits / grooves And without panic, he is not a fluttering ladies' man. After any flights, money and nerves will not be touched. He has terrible roads - only gentle clicks on the springs. Selling until I got caught jokingly with a diesel Gazelle 6-mortar. And while the dollar rate is on the rise. And as you come across, then do not blame me. Then I will not sell the Milky Way strategic flying tank! And even now I am not burning to remove from the cosmodrome, if not for 5 thousand dollars. After all, I know that the nomenclature GAZ 3102 is indestructible in operation, and even then what the predecessors of GAZ 20, GAZ 21, UAZ 469 are after renovation. But don’t even think that I’m selling the trash of the sovavtoprom here. Ask for the official opinion of German auto experts. They will clearly tell you that the legendary models before 1988. are the most promising (x10-20) investments! And these are not fables and fables. Body 1.2-1.4mm, real frame. The bridge is generally from a 2-ton Chaika! What will the foreign analogue be for? .. By the way, it would change for Harley Davidson. Provided that he is dragged into the apartment.
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