GAZ 3102 vs GAZ 21/13

Odessa | Created: 25 October 2020, number: 21586
  • Condition: Used 
  • Model: 3102 
  • Year of manufacture: 1982 
  • Body type: Sedan 
  • Mileage: 100000 km
  • Fuel Type: Petrol 
  • Emissions Sticker: 1 (none) 
Selling my GAZ 3102 not urgently or changing it to a land PAY. Registration of the car in the MREO of the city of Svatovo in the Luhansk region. Therefore, the most suitable buyers are from Slobozhanshchina. The less suitable can also buy not out of greed, but out of conscience. Or change to a dacha, for example, in the village of Fontanka, Odessa region. The main thing is not to show that the price is supposedly high. See what GAZ 21 "with a bang" for. For example 5500 and not one less, so Yuri Detochkin would sell. Or in England they want 40,000 pounds for a right-hand drive copy. Well, the engine is fundamentally similar: cast iron, low-speed, hardy. For all 5 passengers and full luggage, only from GAZ 21 you will not squeeze 150 km / h. And my Tchaikovsky 3102 will give 150 km / h eh times, and again, and many, many times! I personally checked on the Mariupol-Odessa highway. The car is in Odessa now. True, on the sea sand in pink stockings, it is not the highest class. (Yes, GAZ 21, to be honest, could not have mastered that march, but broke down at its cruising 75 km / h.) So I am wooing buyers from Svatovo in a special way. To the farmers, to be more precise. 10 hectares (i.e. 10 hectares) and the car will be yours! All the same, after all, ruin the earth with a sunflower. And you won't ruin this GAZ 3102 quickly! Whether it is a bumpy primer or a broken asphalt - GAZ 3102 will keep the speed! And the CD-player will play the song: “I am across the field along the river: Light is darkness, there is no God! And in an open field - cornflowers, and a long road. Along the road there is a dense forest with women-yagas, And at the end of the road there is a MREO with a database! " A few words to other prose writers: yes, I sell, but I do not aim to get rid of it. With the current auto industry, close it in the garage and the price will double. Because not a cigarette Ford Mondeo and not a cigarette Skoda Fabia. Because GAZ 3102 is a legendary model! And if someone still calls me a dreamer and a dreamer, let him go to Odessa and read the announcements on the pillars. Why are they looking so much now for GAZ 21, GAZ 13? Not because to resell thousands for fifteen ... GAZ 3102 - BETTER and ALIVE of those museum exhibits!
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