Odessa | Created: 25 October 2020, number: 21583
  • Condition: Used 
  • Model: 3102 
  • Year of manufacture: 1982 
  • Body type: Sedan 
  • Mileage: 100000 km
  • Fuel Type: Petrol 
  • Emissions Sticker: 1 (none) 
A question for the original motorists and not only the Gorky or Ulyanovsk: What armored car can you buy for $ 50,000? Certainly not new in appearance, certainly not prestigious in sight (both are not so bad), but definitely not armored in a modern way, but in the old way, i.e. bluntly. For a new prestigious armored car of $ 50,000, only one customs clearance will be released at a minimum ... What then should a pereichny hulk do? And here's what: drive your old car (it should be high-torque!) Into a sea container, load the container onto a ship and send it to the USA to book. You will say: why spend money on transportation, if you can find craftsmen here too. Yes, you can find craftsmen in cutting and welding metal. And they will cope with their task for sure. And the armor will stand up like a Brest fortress. Only the car will stop driving. From the weight of the sheet metal. And its windows will be called portholes (and the driver and passengers - the Earthlings group). Technology in the USA is not GOST, not TU or DSTU now. GAZ 3102 after booking in the USA will also definitely remain GAZ. Not Toyota-GAZ, not Isuzu-GAZ, not GAZ-53/3102, but the original 3102. And $ 100,000 will remain with you (and not through a car dealership $ 150,000-$ 300,000). Any armored car is a disposable thing. Why overpay? Well, take a look yourself - it doesn't smell like welding! And it comes out bulletproof. Of course, it is expensive to send GAZ 3102 to the USA. There will be other options. If Mohammed does not go to the mountain, then what? Then order armored sets! But this will already be a delivery to the pereichnuyu car dealership / auto center / service station, perhaps. First, you are swinging the Ranges, Mercy, Hamers to disassemble to the ground. Secondly, where will you get them on the cheap? The people here are curmudgeons and greedy people. GAZ 3102 is a completely different matter! For the price of one Range, you collect 25 of them. As a children's constructor, he will figure it out and assemble again. And already bulletproof, each will become $ 50 pieces. Yes, of course, it is impossible to compare equivalently: GAZ 3102 2.5L in B5 armor - $ 50,000 LR Range Rover 3.0TD B6 - $ 250,000 And the Volga looks like a Range like a pig on a horse. Well, after all, there is $ 200,000 savings!
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