HUMMER H1 armored

Odessa | Created: 19 September 2019, number: 20941
  • Condition: Used 
  • Model: H1 
  • Body type: Pickup 
  • Mileage: 10000 km
  • Engine capacity: 6500 cm3
  • Fuel Type: Diesel 
  • Emissions Sticker: 1 (none) 
Under the order HUMMER H1 Wagon 6.5L Armored - armored according to the American class NIJ III + or the European B6 +. According to the official price list, the booking package is $ 77500 + the price of the car itself + the cost of delivery and customs clearance at standard rates. True, there is one "but": 2006 is the last official year of release. At this age, production cars are not imported, unless you go and investigate the issue further. But customs is not a forest. The customs imp will immediately ask: "What are you, man, came to us with?" Here is the entire HUMMER H1 range offered in "standard +" armor in the USA: HMMWV (HUMVEE) 6.5L V8 Diesel AT4 4-Door Open / Hard-Top Troop Carrier 4-Door Open / Hard-Top Armament Carrier 4-Door Open / Hard-Top Up-Armored Armament Carrier HUMMER H1 2/4-Door Open / Hard-Top 5.7L V8 AT4 HUMMER H1 2/4-Door Open / Hard-Top 6.2L V8 Diesel AT3 HUMMER H1 2/4-Door Open / Hard-Top 6.5L V8 Diesel AT4 HUMMER H1 2/4-Door Open / Hard-Top 6.5L V8 Turbo Diesel AT4 HUMMER H1 4-Door Wagon 5.7L V8 AT4 HUMMER H1 4-Door Wagon 6.5L V8 Diesel AT4 HUMMER H1 4 -Door Wagon 6.5L V8 Turbo Diesel AT4 HUMMER H1 10th Anniversary Edition 6.5L V8 Turbo Diesel AT4 Choose what you want, give a deposit of $ 5000 as valid, your passport for the booking contract - and in the USA we start searching for a car. A specific car, a specific VIN-code, a specific person in the OCSP, a specific conversation. And without a deposit - just wrinkle the sea and wrinkle the customs officers ... No! Well, you can walk around the local car dealerships in your n / points, as they say, walk around the bazaar with your forehead to look for armored goods. In America, Balda will not get caught up in a meeting like in a fairy tale - neither here nor there and do not try - substitute bucks right away! Yes! And of course it is, the most-most desirable option: not to give the bucks to anyone and to shoe a flea, so to speak, or call the scarlet Lefty. Aliki Lefty can and will come across a meeting in your n / points! Only then will the hand-made flea B6 + dance "dance" ... PUSHKIN did not write works on this proposal. ARMORMAX INC is yours truly and pay money there! Or his Odessa representative in a Greek bank. After all, offshore companies in a Greek bank are paid white!
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