HUMMER H2 armored

Odessa | Created: 19 September 2019, number: 20943
  • Condition: Used 
  • Model: H2 
  • Body type: Pickup 
  • Mileage: 10000 km
  • Engine capacity: 6200 cm3
  • Fuel Type: Petrol 
  • Emissions Sticker: 1 (none) 
Custom order HUMMER H2 Adventure 6.2L Armored - armored according to the American class NIJ III + or the European B6 +. According to the official price list, the booking package is $ 75,000 + the price of the car itself + the cost of delivery and customs clearance at standard rates. True, there is one "but": 2009 is the last official year of release. At this age, production cars are not imported, unless you go and investigate the issue further. Customs is a kind of church on the pier. There will be a rent - it will be merciful! For reference: the HUMMER H2 SUV of the American company General Motors, sold under the Hummer brand since 2002 at a purpose-built plant in Mishawak, Indiana, USA. In 2004, a screwdriver production was established in Kaliningrad. The model was discontinued in 2009. The Kaliningrad version differs from the American one in the absence of a second battery, an additional sixth space in the trunk, a winch and other equipment. This made it possible to keep the weight of 3.5 tons of total mass - the boundary of the category "B". HUMMER H2 SUV 6.0L V8 AT4 HUMMER H2 SUV Victory Red Limited Edition 6.0L V8 AT4 HUMMER H2 SUV (Adventure, Luxury) 6.0L V8 AT4 HUMMER H2 SUV (Adventure, Luxury) 6.2L V8 AT6 HUMMER H2 SUV 6.2L V8 AT6 HUMMER H2 SUV 6.2L V8 Flexible Fuel AT6 HUMMER H2 SUV Black Chrome Limited Edition 6.2L V8 Flexible Fuel AT6 Choose what you want, issue a $ 5000 deposit as valid, your passport for a booking contract - and we start searching for a car in the USA. A specific car, a specific VIN-code, a specific person in the OCSP, a specific conversation. And without a deposit - reproachful refusal! We are not chasing cheapness. Not! Well, you can walk around the local car dealerships in your n / points, as they say, walk around the bazaar with your forehead to look for armored goods. In America, Balda will not get caught up in a meeting like in a fairy tale - neither here nor there and do not try - substitute bucks right away! Yes! And of course it is, the most-most desirable option: not to give the bucks to anyone and to shoe a flea, so to speak, or call the scarlet Lefty. Aliki Lefty can and will come across a meeting in your n / points! Only then will the self-written flea B6 + dance "dance" ... IA KRYLOV from another bell tower described what would happen if the Swan, Cancer and Pike gathered together to book a car. "Their work will not go well, it will not work, only flour." ARMORMAX INC. "Things are still there" - you have to think about it!
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