HUMMER H3 armored

Odessa | Created: 19 September 2019, number: 20944
  • Condition: Used 
  • Model: H3 
  • Body type: Pickup 
  • Mileage: 10000 km
  • Engine capacity: 5300 cm3
  • Fuel Type: Petrol 
  • Emissions Sticker: 1 (none) 
Custom order HUMMER H3 Alpha 5.3L Armored - American NIJ III + armored or European B6 +. According to the official price list, the reservation package is $ 72,500 + the price of the car itself + shipping and customs clearance costs at standard rates. 2010 is the last official year of release, i.e. these production cars are still being imported, or rather, they will be imported for another year. Both armored and unarmored. With discounts or wraps, in standard or special design. What an ugomb, if only we would pay! Here is the entire range of HUMMER H3 (X) offered in US standard + armor: HUMMER H3 3.5L 5-cyl MT5 HUMMER H3 3.5L 5-cyl AT4 HUMMER H3 Adventure Pkg 3.7L 5-cyl MT5 HUMMER H3 Adventure Pkg 3.7 L 5-cyl AT4 HUMMER H3 (Adventure, Luxury) 3.7L 5-cyl MT5 HUMMER H3 (Adventure, Luxury) 3.7L 5-cyl AT4 HUMMER H3X 3.7L 5-cyl MT5 HUMMER H3X 3.7L 5-cyl AT4 HUMMER H3 Alpha 5.3L V8 AT4 HUMMER H3 Alpha Adventure Pkg 5.3L V8 AT4 HUMMER H3 Alpha 5.3L V8 Flexible Fuel AT4 HUMMER H3 Alpha Adventure Pkg 5.3L V8 Flexible Fuel AT4 Choose what you wish, give a deposit of $ 5000 for a valid passport for your reservation contract in the US we are starting a car search. A specific vehicle, a specific VIN code, a specific MSO / CO / CT, a specific invoice. And without a zadamb and not a fit! No! Well, you can walk around the local car dealerships in your n / points, as they say, walk around the bazaar forehead to look for armored goods. In America, Balda will not come across a meeting like in a fairy tale - do not try either with that and no syudy - it’s better to substitute the bucks right away! Yes! And of course he is, the most-most-desired option: Don’t give anyone a flea, and so to speak, to shoe it yourself or call the scarlet Lefty. Aliki Lefty can and will come across a meeting at your n / points! But will the fleet B6 + "dance" then dance ... K.I. CHUKOVSKY “on a turn-key basis” and with customs clearance would probably be able to do it in verse. Yes, for some reason you said, little children, do not look for easy ways in the world. At closed auctions, who? Sharks, gorillas, crocodiles! But ARMORMAX INC is not Africa! And not broken cars!
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