G63 AMG armored

Odessa | Created: 10 November 2019, number: 21004
  • Condition: New 
  • Model: G series 
  • Body type: Pickup 
  • Mileage: 1000 km
  • Engine capacity: 5500 cm3
  • Fuel Type: Petrol 
  • Emissions Sticker: 1 (none) 
Custom order Mercedes G63 AMG Armored - armored in class NIJ III + or European B6 +. New or almost new (recently used). The price of the reservation package is $ 82,350 + the machine itself (MSRP from $ 137,150) + customs / delivery / loading / shipping = $ 235,000 CIF in the bill of lading. Or options at the lowest prices up to 3/4 of the cost. It’s easier to buy through advertising, but the smart one does not go up and does not bite on stocks (and the poppy does not bite!), And forges his target price and gives his money for it! And after a while, he will pick up his desired car in Odessa and draw up all the procedures and documents in OMTP. Personal armor is not for the extra eyes! Another popular delivery option is a container to the door to any n / a UKRAINE. Another popular payment option is through any local bank in UKRAINE. Both that and another according to the direct contract of the BROADCAST with the American plant. There is a third indirect option - for the impatient from Kiev, Lviv, even Minsk and Chisinau - a headache in the railway port of Bremerhaven in Germany. The entire range of Mercedes G-, GL-, GLS-, GLE-classes offered in the standard + armor in the USA: Mercedes G550 4M, V8, Non-Turbo, 5.5L Mercedes G550 4M, V8, Twin Turbo, 4.0L Mercedes G63 AMG 4M, V8, Twin Turbo, 5.5L Mercedes G65 AMG 4M, V8, Twin Turbo, 6.0L Mercedes GL350 BlueTEC 4M, V6, Turbo Diesel, 3.0L Mercedes GL450 4M, V8, Twin Turbo, 4.6L Mercedes GL550 4M, V8, Twin Turbo, 4.6L Mercedes GL63 AMG 4M, V8, Twin Turbo, 5.5L Mercedes GLS350d 4M, V6, Turbo Diesel, 3.0L Mercedes GLS450 4M, V6, Twin Turbo, 3.0L Mercedes GLS550 4M, V8, Twin Turbo, 4.7L Mercedes GLS63 4M, V8, Twin Turbo, 5.5L Mercedes GLE300d 4M, I-4, Turbo Diesel, 2.1L Mercedes GLE350 RWD, V6, 3.5L Mercedes GLE350 4M, V6, 3.5L Mercedes GLE400 4M, V6, Twin Turbo , 3.0L Mercedes GLE550e 4M Plug-In Hybrid V6, Twin Turbo, 3.0L Mercedes GLE450 Coupe AMG 4M, V6, Twin Turbo, 3.0L Mercedes GLE63 S Coupe AMG, V8, Twin Turbo, 5.5L Mercedes GLE43 AMG 4M, V6, Twin Turbo 3.0L Merce des GLE63 AMG 4M, V8, Twin Turbo, 5.5L Mercedes GLE63 S AMG 4M, V8, Twin Turbo, 5.5L We all went through this, they asked us everything, but we’ll hardly explain it to the talkers. Our client is untouchable and popular, while not fried and also wants to live, let him show a patchport and give a coin. Electronic. Pinjack is not necessary in any form; offer the eurobleacher. Indeed, the facts / precedents of direct deliveries are stubborn things. And if you are a client, not a chicken from the prospectus, a real client with a passport, a jacket and coins, then get and see those examples from other clients. You can peck in more detail: the real client gives the passport data, fills out / signs the application, receives the facts of direct deliveries - and if he gives the first coin (more precisely, the first 5000 coins) - he will receive the desired individual offer! Customers with grains, not coins, have wonderful visions. But in the States, INTERNATIONAL ARMORING is not for fried chicken! No passport - Drive a coin! There are no coins - take off your jacket! You can’t take off your jacket, Do not give a coin, You won’t even walk here!
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